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Kaelo: The Integrated Wine Cooler.
Kaelo is an integrated wine cooler designed to keep your wine perfectly chilled once you’ve opened the bottle.
Take a cold bottle from the fridge, put it in your Kaelo and touch the crown. That’s all you need to do and Kaelo will keep your drink within 1-2 degrees of opening temperatures. No refills, no mess and no maintenance, just perfectly chilled wine.
Whether you’re entertaining friends, having a romantic night in or just enjoying a family meal, Kaelo is at the heart of helping create wonderful moments everyday.

The Technology.
Kryolux, our patented cooling system, creates a cold air jacket which wraps around the bottle, allowing the wine to stay perfectly chilled and the bottle totally dry.
Smart touch controls are embedded into the crown so there’s no need for buttons or a remote. Just a few taps with your finger will turn the Kaelo on/off, or select from 27 colours in the ‘halo’ at the top of the chamber.

Designed in London, hand-built in the Cotswolds.

Services Provided
Free-standing Wine Coolers, Integrated Wine Coolers, Bespoke Design Services, Bespoke Furnishings, Innovative Luxury Iceless Wine Coolers

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London, Nationwide, International
Location: Coppergate House,
16 Brune Street
London, Greater London E1 7NJ
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