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Charles Lowe & Sons produce Generations oak floorboards, carefully aged and distressed by hand to provide a superior alternative to the difficult task of sourcing reclaimed flooring.

Our floor boards are produced, in mixed widths and lengths including a generous percentage of very wide and long planks, to give an authentic antique appearance.

Using many traditional techniques handed down through generations of our craftsman each plank is painstakingly aged and hand spoke shaved. Every board is soaked in earth pigments, waxes and oils, then laboriously buffed to a mellowed glow. This rich patina is the inimitable hallmark of Generations hand finished floors.

There is a shy beauty latent in every piece of oak that not everyone knows how to expose. It takes a respectful understanding of timber and a loving skill to fully reveal this subtle magic. We believe this can only be achieved by hand.

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Bespoke Flooring
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