PaperBoy Wallpaper
PaperBoy: Why We Do What We Do.

Because we want to make the world a lovelier place. And want to make something beautiful for children. So we make wallpaper & fabric for them that’s well crafted. Good quality. Thoughtful. Has personality. Even has a sense of humour.

Wallpaper & fabric for smalls of all ages with a sense of style & an enjoyment of the scary. Or an attraction to the strange. Beautiful design for the youngsters in your life.

Our children’s wallpaper & fabric designs mix traditional boys’ themes with a beautiful English twist to create a lively & vibrant interior to complement your grown-up style.

We hope you like what we’ve made. And get what we do.

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USA, Europe, South America, United Kingdom
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'General Miss Chief' wallpaper
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Our Own Home Bedroom #2
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Our Own Home Guest Bedroom
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'Brave New World' white & pale blue wallpaper
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