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Beer Glasses

Every beer lover should have a few different beer glasses in their home, but with so many types of beer glasses and mugs to choose from, it can be a tough deciding which ones to buy. Whether you’re considering beer tankards or stemmed beer glasses, read the following article to learn more about your choices:

What are beer glasses called?

Weizen, snifter, Krug, Stange, tulip and pilsner… you’d be excused for thinking these were the names of dog breeds, but in actual fact, they are all names of beer glasses. Beer and pint glasses come in all shapes and sizes, designed for different types of beers and drinks. There are standard nonic glasses, beer tankards and Krug glasses, German beer glasses including tall pilsners and Weizen glasses, and then goblet-type glasses such as snifter and tulip.

What beer glasses to buy?

There are lots of different types of beer glasses to choose from, including a wide range of European beer glasses. Whilst it generally comes down to your personal preference, here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular types to help make your decision:

  • Pint Glasses: There are loads of different types of pint glasses, but in the UK we tend to use the English pint glass, also known as an Imperial or Nonic glass. Usually, people will drink lagers or ales from pint glasses.

  • Beer Mugs: Most popular in Germany, England and the USA, beer mugs are usually quite wide and have a handle on the side. The glass is often thick for insulation and to keep your beer cold. Beer steins and tankards are both types of beer mugs; a beer stein is usually made from stoneware, whereas a beer tankard could be made from silver, pewter or glass and may have a hinged lid.

  • Stemmed Beer Glasses: Tulip, chalice and goblets are all types of stemmed beer glasses. They are often used to serve Belgian beer, and therefore may also be referred to as Belgian beer glasses.

Which beer glass to use?

Beer glasses can be used for all sorts of beers, drinks and occasions, and simply need to appeal to your tastes. For example, if you enjoy drinking craft beers, you can find craft beer glasses sets, whereas if you hold regular parties or barbecues, you can find plastic pint glasses. However, if you are particular about which beer goes in which glass, you can also find branded beer glasses in which to serve the corresponding beer.

Where to buy beer mugs and glasses?

Whichever style of beer glass is your thing, find beer glasses, pint glasses, even steins and beer glass sets online with Houzz UK.
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