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Hanging Chairs

Floating above the ground in a hanging chair can give you a deep sense of relaxation. From pod swing chairs to traditional hammocks, hanging seats are an easy way to make a living room or garden feel cosier. Read on for tips on setting up hanging chairs and where to buy them.

How do you hang a hanging chair?

There are several ways to hang a chair or hammock, whether indoors or outdoors. Pivot hammocks or hanging chairs are suspended from a single point and can rotate 360 degrees. Some pivot seats, some as hammock chairs, feature a spreader bar. Swing chairs are hung from two points to facilitate their rocking motion or to support the length of a hanging bench.

When setting up any hanging seat, keep these four tips in mind:

  • The chair should have enough room to swing or rotate, so leave space behind and to the sides of the chair frame.
  • The seat should be roughly three or four feet above the ground.
  • Check the load capacity of all hardware, ropes or chains which will bear the weight of the chair.
  • If your chair comes with instructions, always read these before getting started.

Garden hammocks and hanging chairs

Hammocks and swing chairs are popular pieces of outdoor furniture. They are not only relaxing to lounge in, rattan swing chairs and pod hanging garden chairs are very aesthetically pleasing and make your garden feel like a sanctuary, especially when hung from a tree.

When hanging a hammock, you will need rope or webbing, S-hooks or carabiners and two sturdy trees spaced apart at a distance of the width of your hammock plus 4-6 feet. Although rope looks best, webbing does not cause as much damage to the bark since it wraps flat around the trunk. If you’re putting up a hanging swing chair or bench and want to suspend it from a single tree branch, you will need similar equipment and will need to ensure that the branch can hold the weight of the chair and one or two people. Many outdoor hanging chairs come with adjustable ropes to compensate for natural variations in the height of and distance between trees.

But what can you do if you don’t have any trees in your garden? There are several solutions here, for example setting up wooden posts or powder-coated steel poles at an ideal distance, securing them in place with cement. If you have a covered patio or terrace with a roof, you can suspend a hanging chair from one of the beams.

Indoor hanging chairs and hammocks

If you want to install an indoor swing or hanging hammock chair in your living room, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Find a ceiling joint from which to hang your chair. If your beams aren’t exposed, you can use a stud finder, which detects density within walls and ceilings, to locate them.
  2. Once you’ve found the joist, mark both ends and then make a mark in the centre, if installing a pivot hanging chair, or two marks if installing a swing chair.
  3. Drill a 3-inch deep pilot hole into the centre mark(s), using a drill bit smaller than the eye screw you will insert into it.
  4. Carefully insert the eye screw and twist it until it is tightened.
  5. If instructions were provided with your chair, follow these to attach the rope or cable to the eye screw. You will need to use knots, a carabiner or an S-hook to make the suspension secure.
If you are concerned that a ceiling joint is too weak, you can reinforce it or ask a professional to do this for you.

Freestanding hanging chairs

To avoid the hassle of drilling or finding a sturdy support, simply buy a hanging chair stand. These freestanding frames are easy to assemble and to move around, giving you all of the benefits of conventional chairs but with the charming sensation of floating. However, a chair frame is usually more expensive than DIY solutions and take up slightly more space.

Are hanging chairs safe?

A common concern with hanging seats is that the structure will collapse. As long as all of the framework, hardware and materials have the right load capacity and the installation has been carried out with care according to instructions, you should not be worried about using your swing chair.

Some find the sensation of lying in a hammock or rattan swing chair makes them feel a bit uncomfortable, and there’s often a fear of falling out of a hammock, though in reality the likelihood of this happening is low if the hammock has been set up correctly. To feel cosy and secure, consider a pod swing seat or other hanging egg chair, as the egg shape ensures there is no risk of falling out.

Where can you buy hanging chairs?

Shop a variety of indoor or outdoor hanging seats, swing chairs and hammocks on Houzz UK. To find pieces in a similar style, browse a range of on-trend living room furniture and high-quality, weatherproof garden furniture.
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