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Knife Wizard Commercial Electric Knife Sharpener
Knife Wizard Commercial Electric Knife Sharpenerby KNIFE WIZARD
The KE280 is a totally new concept in commercial knife sharpening featuring a patented cushion contact system, which not only produces edges sharper than when the knife was new, but also creates a polished finish - eliminating the need for honing." How the 280 Knife Sharpener works... There are 2 closed-cell rubber covered wheels, each carrying endless abrasive rolls. The left wheel sharpens the left side of the blade and the right wheel, the right side. The drive motor produces enormous torque which allows the use of fine abrasive this, together with the cushion contact system produces a razor sharp smooth cutting edge which does not require honing on a steel. During sharpening, the knife is supported at the correct angle by the check plates. Cleaning and replacement of the abrasives is simplicity itself, taking less than 1 minute. Other than this, there is no maintenance required. Virtually all knives and most cleavers can be bought to razor sharpness by an unskilled operator in seconds. Japanese steel knives can be sharpened perfectly on the KE280. Special sharpening instructions are enclosed with each machine Technical Information Pressure moulded frame in polyurethane Extremely powerful electric motor torque 3000 gcm Abrasive wheels rpm 250 Geared transfer drive Drive shaft in hardened steel with 2 pinions carried in 3 phosphor bronze bearings Drive axles in hard steel with crown wheel drive transfer UK voltage and fuse protected (5a). 3 pin plug provided Weight unpacked 2.2kg 12 month guaranteeRead More
A good kitchen knife and knife accessories are essential for every home. A sharp knife, a sturdy chopping board and knife sharpening accessories make food preparation not only painless but also more sophisticated in scope. Read on for tips on the best kitchen knives, what different types of knives are used for and where to buy knife accessories.

What are different kitchen knives used for?

Each type of kitchen knife is different in shape, thickness and blade length. Below are the different types of knives and tools that you will come across in a kitchen:

Bread knives

Ever tried to cut a crusty loaf and found that a normal blade couldn’t get through it, or attempted to slice a soft bun but ended up destroying it in the process? The serrated edge of a bread knife gives it a good grip, allowing you to saw off clean slices.

Chef knives

A chef’s knife is the most versatile kind of knife. As the name suggests, it is made to take on any task that a chef might do. The long blade length of these commercial kitchen knives makes it perfect for slicing large quantities of meat or vegetables, while its sharp tip makes more detail-oriented food preparation.

Carving knives

A carving knife is extremely thin with a long blade. This means that it can glide easily through roast meat and cut large, paper-thin slices of ham, turkey or beef.

Steak knives

Like a bread knife, a steak knife also has a serrated edge to more easily handle dense food. But where the bread knife has a rounded tip, the steak knife has a point that makes it easy to pierce thick chunks of meat.

Vegetables knives

Although chef’s knives are very well designed to chop hefty root vegetables or to mince a bunch of leaves at a time, sometimes something a little more delicate is called for. The humble vegetable knife’s small blade is handy for coring apples, peeling and cutting up garlic cloves or pieces of ginger.

Cheese knives

There are a wide variety of cheese knives to suit each type of cheese. One the one hand, a hard cheese knife needs to have a strong, wide blade that won’t be damaged by the cheese but will still cut a neat slice. On the other hand, a soft cheese knife is thin and designed to stick as little as possible on its way through, which is why its blade is made from stainless steel and has holes in. Some cheese knives have a forked end, which is used to pick up and serve slices of cheese.

Boning knives

Use for removing bones from all types of meat, a boning knife has a medium length blade that is very narrow. This allows the user to deftly cut meat from bones. Another type of boning knife is a filleting knife, which is slightly longer to more easily slice off the skin of fish and to remove the backbone in one go.

What are the best kitchen knives?

Depending on how much you cook and how much space you have in your kitchen, different types of knives are better than others. Generally, the best kitchen knives are made of stainless steel. Although it’s not always as sharp as ceramic blades, it’s much tougher than ceramic and can be easily restored over and over with a knife sharpener.

Japanese kitchen knives are considered high end because of their durable, super sharp blades and comfortable handles, for example, Global kitchen knives. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift, buying a loved one a knife set can instantly open up more doors for their cooking endeavours.

Even if you buy a high-quality knife that is sharp to begin with, over time it will become blunt. To prevent this, keep your kitchen knife set in a knife stand, knife block or knife rack. Use a knife sharpener or other knife sharpening accessories to maintain your knife blades.

Where can I buy knives and knife accessories?

Find a range of high-quality kitchen products on Houzz UK. Equip your kitchen with stylish knife blocks, cutting and chopping boards, cheese knives, knife sharpeners and other practical kitchen knife accessories.
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