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Matte White Flared Square Fibreglass Planter, 42x42x75 cm
Matte White Flared Square Fibreglass Planter, 42x42x75 cmby Flora Select
Our fibreglass range of garden planters are professionally designed to suit any style or setting. Fibreglass is increasingly becoming the preferred choice of landscapers and gardeners for external and internal use within homes and businesses. Suitable for manufacturing plant troughs and other containers, Fibreglass is an extremely resilient and durable material. We offer a wide range of designs in this material, all of which are weather and UV resistant. This allows them to Maintain their appearance without fading. Fibreglass is a highly dynamic mixture of glass-fibre matting and plastic polymers, allowing for some distinct advantages over traditional materials, with fewer trade-offs. For one thing, fibreglass plant pots are lightweight (when compared to materials like stone) whose strength and robustness rivals and in some cases surpasses many metals. This makes them easier to carry and reposition. In addition, fibreglass can be designed in a virtually endless variety of finishes. Planters made of fibreglass can be manufactured to replicate any other kind of planter. This allows you create the appearance of stone, ceramics, plastics or other finish whilst benefiting from the durability of fibreglass. Such a range means that it is easy to find a planter that will perfectly fit with any garden design in any outdoor space, complementing a wide variety of plants. Generally speaking, we have found that our clients tend to go for organic, natural-looking finishes in traditional colours like black or grey. Colours that blend in with their environments rather than stand at odds with them. The said, we also cater to a range of more specific, rather than generic designs as well. We do a range of fibreglass planters that are designed to stand out against their background. These tend to be imitations of historical or popular designs. Given the obvious advantages of using this material, we have laboured to increase the variety of this range to fit a wide spectrum of themes. Whether traditional or contemporary, complex or minimalist – there should be something to fit every need. We also do quite a broad range of shapes and sizes as well, with many patterns and designs copied across different types of planters. This should allow our customers to easily create garden designs and match up planters within their own planting schemes.Read More
Green Powder Coat Galvanised Zinc Planter, 100x24x23 cm
Green Powder Coat Galvanised Zinc Planter, 100x24x23 cmby Flora Select
Add class and colour to your windowsills and brighten up your home's facade with a green powder coat zinc galvanised window box from Flora Select. Container gardening is becoming increasingly popular. It is a simple way to add interest where limited space is available or to complement a more extensive garden design. The clean lines of these stylish window boxes give them a contemporary feel. Create instant visual interest by contrasting their straight lines against the soft contours of box hedging or bedding plants. A delightful visual contrast can be easily achieved by setting off the green, galvanised zinc coating against the silver foliage and purple flower heads of lavender or verbena. Or go for an edible selection with herbs such as sage, parsley or rosemary. You can even plant a mix of edible and ornamental plants to get the best of both words. A wide range of plants can thrive in your window boxes. Select a mix of flowering perennials and seasonal plants for an all-year round display. The powdered zinc coating strongly resists rust and weather corrosion from frost or high heat, so these boxes are ideal for your window exteriors in all weather types. What’s more, the lightweight yet durable design makes these planters easy to move when the mood takes you. Available in three different sizes to fit your windowsill, these elegant window boxes work in both traditional or more contemporary settings. Furnish your windows with style all year round. Remember to measure your windowsill before purchasing your boxes. For the best effects, brighten up your home’s façade by placing your window box on a deep ledge or fix to a wall bracket.Read More
Planters are a great way to always keep the landscape close by. While we all aspire to live with acres of sprawling fields and gardens, plant pots are an accessible and more attainable alternative. The modular nature of outdoor planters means you can create as small or as large of a landscape that fits your needs.

When looking to buy outdoor planters, ask yourself the following questions:

What type of outdoor planter works for me?

Raised Beds: Great for larger scale outdoor planting, raised beds allow you to create the perfect soil composition and conditions for outdoor growing. Whether building your own vegetable garden, or even a succulent landscape, raised beds are a great way to gain control.
Vertical Gardens: Living walls create gardens in spaces that traditionally have had to do without. Used indoors and out, there are many different systems available for vertical gardens and are perfect for filling a blank wall or enabling an enthusiastic gardener with limited ground area the opportunity to have a landscape.
Window Boxes: Window boxes are one of the most affordable ways to add instant curb appeal to any home exterior. Kitchen window boxes are perfect for housing edible herbs, while those installed around the house can create an instant cohesive exterior finish.
Pots: Clustered around the patio, outdoor pots instantly add a casual finishing touch while flanking a front door, a formal entrance is instantly created. Use these planters as architectural and sculptural accessories while simultaneously adding some vegetated life.
Hanging Basket Planters: Lined along an outdoor patio or covered walkway, hanging basket planters keep delicate annuals up off the ground and closer to eye level. Consider hanging planters for unexpected drama.

What planter material works best?

There is always a struggle that occurs between price, durability, and aesthetics. Depending on your needs and preferences, certain planter materials will be more suitable.
Ceramic: Ceramic planters may be available in the widest variety of colours and styles, they are also one of the most expensive materials for planters. While they retain water well, they are heavy and easily cracked or broken.
Metal: Metal is one of the more affordable options for outdoor planters. The acquired patina that comes with age also adds character and beauty. Metal planters can dent easily as well as overheat the soil, doing harm to the plants, so it may be wise to keep a metal planter in a shaded area.
Plastic or Fibreglass: Affordable and easy to maintain, plastic planters still present an artificial appearance that is difficult to overcome. Usually the planter’s appearance does not improve with age and exposure.
Terracotta: Terracotta is a moderately priced alternative to ceramic planters. They are attractive, well draining, and are suitable for all styles of house. Like all pottery, they can be extremely heavy and more easily breakable.
Wood: Wood is a classic planter material that provides an attractive warm and rustic elegance and great for designing the perfect planter if you’re up for a DIY challenge. Keep in mind that wood may age and weather more prematurely than other materials if the right care and maintenance is not applied.

How do I care for and maintain my plant?

Drainage: It’s important that planters are equipped with drainage holes or that holes can easily be drilled into the planter if they are not provided. This aids in good drainage and prevents the soil from becoming too saturated.
Consider your climate: The material selection of your planter does not need to be dictated by your climate, but it’s important to note that the care and maintenance that you put into your planter will be influenced by the climate. In freezing climates, take care to monitor terracotta and ceramics because they tend to crack more easily. In hot and sunny climates, make sure to select a material that won’t overheat your plants or be sure to keep them in the shade. It’s all about preventative care. If you plan ahead, you can really use any material for any condition.
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