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Table Lamps

Even the most stylish and well-decorated room isn’t complete without proper lighting. Whilst overhead lighting is a necessity, table lamps can provide additional illumination and create an atmosphere which often ceiling and wall lights can’t achieve on their own.

What are table lamps?

A table lamp is a lamp that sits on a table, such as a side table or bedside table. They are often found in living rooms and bedrooms and come in all sizes, styles and materials (glass, wood, metal etc.) to complement a range of interiors.

What are table lamps used for?

Table lamps are mainly used for two things; creating task and accent lighting. Task table lamps are used to carry out a specific task, such as reading, using the computer or writing, whereas accent table lamps are used to create an ambience, accentuate the decor of your room and set a mood. Table lamps are smaller and typically more decorative than floor lamps and are also a versatile decorative accessory - an art deco table lamp will add drama to the clean lines of a contemporary room, while beautiful Tiffany lamps are an elegant and colourful accent for both traditional and modern styles.

How tall are table lamps supposed to be?

As a general rule, the bottom of the lampshade should be eye level or below when you’re sat down. This prevents you getting direct light from the bulb in your eyes, and lights up everything underneath it.

How do I choose my living room table lamps?

When selecting your living room lamps, it is often easiest to begin by selecting the right lamp base for your decor scheme and then if you don’t like its paired lampshade you can simply swap it for one more to your taste. When it comes to selecting lampshades for table lamps, practical considerations should come into play; a fabric or semi opaque paper shade will give a warm, flattering glow but if you are positioning your lamp near a TV then opt for an opaque shade to minimise glare.

What should I look for in a bedside lamp?

  • Design: Select them in pairs to create symmetry and balance, or for a quirky original design idea, why not select different style lamps for each side of the bed.

  • Size: The ideal size of your lamp should be relative to the proportions of the room; extra large table lamps work well alongside a king size bed, but if you have a queen or double opt for something a little more understated.

  • Space: If your bedside lamps find themselves vying for space with your alarm clock and reading glasses, then opt for one with a slim base. However, bear in mind that bedside lamps should be sturdy enough to withstand being knocked in the dark, so a weighted base is a sensible choice.

  • On/Off Function: To alleviate the frustration of fumbling around for a light switch in the dark, consider a touch table lamp.

  • Lampshade: Selecting the right lampshade for bedroom use is equally important; opt for a semi opaque shade to shield sleepy eyes or if you need something brighter for reading, a task lamp that will allow you to direct light onto a book is a good choice.

What style lamp is best for my home?

For traditional decor consider classic designs such as a lamp with a cast metal base or a painted ceramic lamp paired with a tapered, fringed lampshade. For modern decor, a simple and streamlined style such as a slim glass base with a drum shade are a perfectly balanced pair. If you opt for a simple base in black or white, then you can add personality by pairing it with a jewel coloured lampshades.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for small, contemporary or brass table lamps, Houzz is bound to have the perfect table lamp for your home.
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