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is the headboard Black ir brown?
Posted by cajaherr
HEATHER JENKINSON | INTERIOR DESIGN Updated You're welcome! (How refreshing to receive a thanks...)
Where do I find this wallpaper please?
Posted by lucypete
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Where can I purchase this bed?
Posted by scarymarylou
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HEATHER JENKINSON | INTERIOR DESIGN Updated Hello. I believe the client sourced the bed from 'And So To Bed', in London. You're welcome!
wallpaper and headboard
Posted by lili_long09
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Can I see better picture of night stand?
Posted by Chris Spicciati
Chris Spicciati started a discussion.
Bedroom wallpaper
Posted by Bronwyn Snelling
Love this wallpaper!
Posted by Anna Standish Interiors
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Head board
Posted by josievjackson
Where is the bed from?
Posted by Susan Knox Designer
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Posted by southfields73