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What type of wood are these cupboards made from?
Posted by Genevieve Dekell
Genevieve Dekell Updated Right, I'm in Sydney
Love the cabinets! What r they made out of?
Posted by scintok33
Gayle MCCORD Updated What are the cabinet and wall colors?
Posted by nicmans03
Where do I find that white front bar?
Posted by evamarnie
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lovely flooring
Posted by jessica329
Can you please tell us the grey color used? Thank you!
Posted by msteele2
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Bonjour, pouvez-vous me donner la teinte de la peinture SVP ! merci
Posted by HU-934906923
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What are the cabinets?!
Posted by elizabethflegel
elizabethflegelThey look beautiful
This floor is superb, and without knots. How to get it ?
Posted by brian2001
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where are the lights from?
Posted by trishstein22
trishstein22Great kitchen!
What is the floor material?
Posted by Linda O
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also interested in the product on the island.
Posted by tandc9
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what is the type of wood that the kitchen cabinets are mDe of.
Posted by tandc9
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What size is the island.
Posted by mandeep_momi_
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Lovely clean lines. Can you please tell me what floor finish was used?
Posted by duxsi
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where does the kitchen table come f
Posted by Julie Burrill
Amazing sliding doors - where are they from please!?
Posted by joshedodds
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Love the butcher block table extension. What kind of wood is it?
Posted by Emma Aiken-Klar
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love the pendant lights! Who makes them?
Posted by esterling
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What brand is this table?
Posted by Melissa
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The operable door system makes the living are look more spacious!
Posted by Panda Windows & Doors
Panda Windows &
How did you support the span between the waterfall and cabinets?
Posted by poppo67
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j'adore ce canapé, où puis-je le trouver?
Posted by anginamondy
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Posted by ctabacco
Are the lights gold on the inside?
Posted by Christopher Quezambra
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What make of sliding doors have been used for this extension?
Posted by catriach
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Hello, the floor is superb. What kind of wood is it? thank you
Posted by Giustino Ilcontadino
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Posted by Tweetiebirdies Tweetiebirdies
Tweetiebirdies Tweetiebirdieswhat treatment is on the floor
Posted by davidandjane1404
Does the table extend?
Posted by Danielle Craighead
Danielle CraigheadAnd who makes it? Thanks
Kitchen flooring
Posted by Angela Abraham
Posted by Abi Ana
Love the design, which company did you use for the floor?
Posted by Thompson + Baroni Architects
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Is this property listed?
Posted by Annie Samways
Studio Schubert Updated Perfect mixture of old and new!
what are the pendant light fixtures?
Posted by laur510
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Pendants are Perfect! Can you tell me the manufacturer?
Posted by Trails End Homebuilders
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Posted by chrisdimitrios
What sort of doors are these? sliding / bi-fold?
Posted by catherine dolliver
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Skyglaze Ltd Updated Three panel sliding
vorrei poter conoscere il nome della ditta che produce la struttura
Posted by ropalm1
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What is the size of the table?
Posted by Szilvia Thompson
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What is the island bench top made of? Thanks
Posted by mschieven
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work top
Posted by Renee Burt
Beautiful. What is the hall width between cabinets and Island?
Posted by niloht
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Dining chairs
Posted by Henk van der Beek
Sliding doors
Posted by joemead81
Do you know who designed this bungalow? Any help much appreciated!
Posted by ciara_feeley
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me gusta la mesa. Donde la puedo encontrar?
Posted by Maria Andreo
Maria Andreo Updated Muchas gracias!
What colour are the window frames?
Posted by abuckley3333
What is the length of the bar table?
Posted by Denise Wolsey
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Posted by acew1234
Posted by desertblume
Where are the sconces from?
Posted by Ashley Barron
what is the colour of the gorgeous green/grey wall?
Posted by centralotago
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Could you please give me details of this kitchen's floor?
Posted by nat kc
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Posted by Margaret Sayre
Posted by HU-763545
what color are the walls painted?
Posted by Julie Toast
Julie Toastwall color please?
Marble backsplash
Posted by ronengordon
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Posted by devlinaray
Posted by aseke
Love the colour of the walls. Can you tell me what it is please?
Posted by Rich Radley
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HU-619366446 Updated Did you ever find out the colour??
bellissima la cucina
Posted by Alessandra Grassi
Can you please give the specifications for counter top and cabinets?
Posted by Soltan Construction
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Posted by tam1966
Dining Table
Posted by mrl444
Gorgeous kitchen. What is the floor made of? Thank you!
Posted by Kellie
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please could you tell me what the kitchen floor is made from?
Posted by Vanessa Stanley
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Color of cabinets
Posted by James Radics
mica color
Posted by Priti mishra
Priti mishrawhich is mica color
Any idea on the floor tile? Please:)
Posted by dkovner
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Posted by emily9244
love the island color!
Posted by linbporter
Bar stools
Posted by Monica Clausell
gorgeous light! where did you source it from?
Posted by Lynne Onslow
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Kitchen chairs
Posted by rodgers313
Dining table
Posted by Belinda Forgione
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Stainless steel
Posted by H D
TV set up.
Posted by Cindy Callaghan
floating shelves
Posted by isabel2002
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Posted by suesek
What is the backsplash please
Posted by AppleLeaf Interiors
AppleLeaf InteriorsWhat is the backsplash please ?
What is the glass unit? Is it operable, sliding, manufacturer?
Posted by Bob Di Janni Custom Homes Inc.
Bob Di Janni Custom Homes Inc.Wonderful space a access to exterior. Thank You.
How much did this cost?
Posted by Donika Jordan
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Love the cupboards!
Posted by 5un5hin3
Posted by J Min
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Polished Concrete Co. Updated This is our floor we Installed it.
Can you tell me where to find these stools?
Posted by yyoma
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love the floors,where are they from
Posted by Sindy Anna Jabuka
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where is the beautiful dining table and chairs from?
Posted by sharonjm1977
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Where did you purchase those brass pendants? They're great!
Posted by Kellie Eserts Interiors
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Who was the architect on this project? Hope you can help.
Posted by Fleming James Architects
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quel est la marque de cette cuisine ?
Posted by e_le_gall
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hi,this is SLIM-T fashion.
Posted by Jonathan Larbi
Jonathan Larbiwe love your work.
Where can I get those bar stools?
Posted by sveta77
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Posted by bardwellwr
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Love this floor where is it from?
Posted by Maria
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Is the wall painted or clad?
Posted by padgrn
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kichen laminate
Posted by Ashok Kumar
Posted by dypsy2000
What is the raised wood? Is it solid? How is it attached?
Posted by kmillman99
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Posted by chrisdimitrios
Is the benchtop corian ?
Posted by chrisdimitrios
chrisdimitriosCorian benchtop ?
how long is the whole breakfast run? thanks
Posted by Elle Shoben
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Love this kitchen
Posted by sl167k
height of ceiling
Posted by dani sc
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Posted by Rheal Cormier
Posted by cindy Cohen
Love the worktop. any more details on the brand colour?
Posted by 28 Greenside Road
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