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Dave Boon

The choice of 'paper' is the issue there. It comes in grade, colours, thicknesses and is generally 'bleached' in some way. I have found that buying A3 foam backed art boards from the Range (or similar) achieved the best results. Using a 4" roller I was able to achieve a very true colour representation.

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Anne Lawton

I've been caught out by tester pots and shade cards quite a lot careful if you buy a tester pot (Dulux especially) from a retail outlet, then your decorator buys the trade version! Not the same. Also there seem to be different recipes for the colours mixed by the retailers, and they aren't identical. E.G. I bought some Satinwood paint from a independent shop, then bought a second tin from a large chain (both mixed in the shop). One used a light base, the second used a medium base. Result - close, but not identical colours. Also I've found Colour charts very misleading, so yes, do use tester pots, but remember that it's no guarantee that that is what you'll get on your walls!

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@LakeOne Sorry, have only just seen your comment. Thank you. After much deliberation and looking at some expensive brands of wallpaper, this was from NEXT! It was just the gentle geometric pattern that I was looking for.


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