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Thank you epic1977 I am about to renovate a period listed house. Despite the windows being mismatched and single glazed it is unlikely I will be allowed to change them. Your experience has persuaded me to stop wasting time wishing for what I cannot have and instead find a good carpenter to repair the existing and invest instead in good heavyweight curtains.

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Sam Potter
Update on using porridge to remove oil-based paint from moulded plaster. My ceiling rose had oil based paint on it, (between layers of water based paint as far as I coukd tell) but though the porridge was a lot less effective, the heat and dampness did seem to loosen the paint slightly, possibly because it got underneath and softened the plaster itself, and the water-based layers. Anyhow, below are before, during and after photos. The bit that fell off is safe and will be glued back on before I repaint the ceiling. In fact quite a few of the individual little lozenge and bobble-shaped bits fell off. I glued 'em back on as I went.
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Porridge! Well I never!. That's amazing.

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