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On a purely practical level, staircases are used by a range of people, from children to elderly people, plus people you may not initially think about.

For instance, when someone becomes ill upstairs, think of the ambulance crew who have to carry a person down and up the stairs safely!

With this in mind, I always design a simple straight-run staircase with the correctly sized top and bottom landings. I keep the width fairly narrow so a disabled (or injured) person can easily reach a continuous handrail on each side. You will find that a person with balance problems or a serious condition such as M.S. will be unable to safely manage any form of tapered stair, winder or 90 degree landing.

The straight stair is the easiest to construct and the most efficient, but it can be difficult to fit into the average sized home, especially if you also want to have an entrance lobby, for energy conservation. One solution is to place the stair in the centre of the dwelling and have a landing area at the top which gives access to rooms at the sides and rear. This landing can also be used as a study or office area.

We should be designing practical adaptable lifetime homes that cater for all possibilities.


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