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Isla Cherry

I really miss the swallows that used to nest in the roof of the loggia of our old barn. They were right outside my study doors and I watched them hatch, grow and learn to fly. I love their chattering too. I am planning to provide them something similar at this new place but struggling to decide what would best suit them. It's also tricky as you would want to use your pergola or outdoor building yourself during summer and breeding swallows wouldn't appreciate the human noise or BBQ smells, etc. Maybe a covered roof extension of the outdoor building. At the very least I am planning to dig a large outdoor pool with shallow ledge sides which they could use for nest building mud.

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Lighting Guru Ltd

I had no idea that green roofs and walls were not eco-friendly, but it makes sense once explained. Need to keep an open mind. I would love to have this builder on any of my projects, bet there is so much to learn in this field, no pun intended.


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