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mandy carmichael

Good article, I agree about checking things out in advance. Unlike England, planning permission is required when installing through the floor lifts in Scotland. This radically changes any plans by several weeks.

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Revive Your Space

Great tips which I'll definitely be referring to for my 'eco' renovation this year where my primary motivation is improving the fabric of the building (insulation, air-tightness etc) and reduce energy required.

As a Professional Organiser I think 'Ditch the Clutter' is probably the best advice listed! It's all too easy to think that more space is the solution ; usually less stuff and a creative, bespoke, interior design is the best investment.

Happy renovating everyone!

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As I've said before - research, research, research. Really try to think about how you want to use your space - layout - and what you want from it, as well as the 'feel' and atmosphere you want to create - finer components. Look at as many images as you can stand to; compile a folder or portfolio of images you like and assemble your favourite elements.


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