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Thank you for that Danielle - very helpful.

The eventual colour choice, if I go for respraying, will be F&B because the sprayers and aerosol suppliers (the latter for DIY) do not make up Little Greene colours, if however I decide on hand painting, the choice of manufacturer would widen to include LG.

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Well i came on here confused as to what to have for my new kitchen and am leaving more confused than ever..I still love a modern matt shaker but my husband thinks it looks old fashioned now and prefers 'shiny' "We have been trying to make up our mind so long, i think moving might be the answer"I ant it too look fabulous but also not plasticy looking. Please some of you itchen companies, tell me what you find looks best and whether a tiled or laminate or wood floor now complete the look more at this time. Also i am thinking of Silestone Quartz tops does anyone feel they would not recommend those having had them? Help will be appreciated.