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We’ve just knocked our living room into our kitchen in 1940s house - one of the best pieces of advice through a Houzz article previously, was to keep all the white goods out of the general space. They’re in the utility room that can be shut away so the noises are minimal. We’re loving having such a useful open space, despite being in our retirement, as we have friends and family popping by regularly so I’m not left in the kitchen alone while everyone else socialises together! Still working on which floorings to use to marry the spaces and accommodate the very slight floor height difference - most likely it’ll be through raising the kitchen floor with leveller and underfloor heating.
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An earlier reviewer commented that...a support beam flexed by 10mm when weight was transferred causing cracks on walls above. This should definitely NOT be happening and suggests the support beam was not correctly spec'd and/or work was not completed to normal standards. I would strongly suggest you get an architect or better still a structural engineer to take a look.
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Open loving is fine for some but it’s also nice to have doors to create a personal space if needed.

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