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Isla Cherry

The first thing I would do is ask what professional qualifications the kitchen designer has in addition to their experience. I worked for a large high end brand who employed timeshare and medical insurance salespersons, rushed them through two weeks of training and then let them loose on the public with little to no supervision. Would you like this type of dentist or surgeon? This does not tar all the excellent qualified and experienced professionals with the same brush. Buyer beware. Do your homework and get multiple quotes and compare before deciding.

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Great quote!
"I know some of these things sound little, but a happy tradesperson does better work and an installer waiting for their materials is like a bear with a sore head.”

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Margie Gilbert

Yu need an article about what to do when you have a disaster contractor. I have not lived in my house since July 2023, just to do a kitchen remodel, new floors and open up a wall. I am stuck!! They have too much of my money yet. I still owe them. No one wants to finish up a 3/4 done job, so it’s a waiting game. It should be a wonderful article. I’m sure I’m not the only person and ironically I’m in the business. This contractor was highly recommended. And it has been a nightmare.


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