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Please excuse mess since I've only just finished with builder and haven't decorated yet. Been putting stuff back in this room and am sharing because I've put the sofa on a 45 degree angle to the room. I've done it this way so the sofa doesn't have its back completely to the fire but also so I can look out the SW window. 45degree angles take up more space but in certain rooms I think it works.
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Joanna Biddolph

What I can never understand is people who have two or three sofas and push them up against the walls leaving a vast useless space in the middle. My favourite layout is the the two sofas facing each other with coffee table in the middle; we had this at home when I was growing up and I was lucky to inherit the sofas and coffee table. Stupidly I got rid of the sofas when I moved - biggest mistake I ever made. I thought they were too low and didn't think that I could have had them adapted and made higher. Lessons learned ... don't abandon good furniture!

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Angela Barrett

I love your mirror wall Emily. I'm planing the same in my living room.


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