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So, I had a thought about a strategy. I go to a room and say, " If I died today, what would I hope my kids would want to keep? What would they throw away? What would the sell? Of the things they would throw away, what do I need for daily living?" Then I would display the things they would keep. I would keep the things they would sell and the things I would need for daily living (and records like taxes), and toss the rest. Do you think that would work?

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Isla Cherry

Some fantastic advice in this article and very timely for me. Reorganising and streamlining our whole house. I love that William Morris quote and use it often. I have also heard accumulated clutter referred to as deferred decisions. With life's many curveballs you are not always in a good place mentally to curate your posessions. Living with just what you need plus a few extravagances is easy. We all strive for that. I find having a home for everything that stays constant helps to calm my busy thought. You also never waste time looking for things. I'm aiming for serenity but its hard. The Scandanavians and Japanese are inspiring,

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Nice article and well timed for the annual spring clean


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