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Isla Cherry

I'm not keen on the term elevated. They were always on legs apart from the fact that the plastic legs were hidden by a plinth. That said I do like the effect of a high island. They do make the kitchen look more spacious but it's also another dust trap to clean depending on the size and style. If you need storage on your island then you are losing quite a lot of space with the half depth ones. The one thing I love about them is that the cheats that don't bother tiling or continuing the floor under the island are now forced to do it properly. I pulled the kickplates off on ours and they are an absolute mess behind. I have heard of kitchen fitters putting crisp packets and empty cans of beverages behind them and leaving their rubbish there forever or until the next renovation or an appliance or tap malfunction.

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Yes, they do look beautiful, better than those without legs, but at this point surely a kitchen table would be the best solution. We use our kitchen table all the time for all kinds of preparing. We can also use it as a table with real chairs to sit on, rather than having to perch on high stools, which is no mean feat for us who are over 70. A table gives a feeling of intimacy to the kitchen, something a high island can never do. High counters and stools are for bars, not for kitchens.

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Natasa Poitevin

John Foat and Tamara Day.
Family friendly, warm and practical


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