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Deborah, I’ve used a self-storage unit to hide some of my things and make the property less cluttered. It included most of my hobby stuff and a few items of furniture. It had the right impact and helped a lot

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deborah eade

Good for you, Donna! Sensible to use self-storage if you are in the same country and living in your home, but we weren't. We put all our books (28 bookshelves!) and other personal effects in the pantechnicon when we left the UK.

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Our last house sat for 6 months so we found a new agent who immediately adjusted the price. I followed my new realtor‘s instruction to put everything unnecessary or personal into the middle of each room and removed it. I had already been cleaning every thing in the house until it shone and we had a buyer right away. They said it was the cleanest property they had been in.


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