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Agree with all the positive comments about this great article, although do feel it's worth correcting/clarifying a few things on the water gardening side of things: firstly there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn't keep fish in a pool in shade. The issue over excessive growth is algae not moss. This could be green water or blanketweed. Actually both need light (and dissolved nutrients) to grow well, but it's the other aquatic plants that help to reduce their growth - bit like growing ground cover plants to suppress weeds. The issue is that it's plants like water lilies that help to reduce the amount of light that encourages the algae, and said lilies will struggle without 4 or more hours of direct sunlight each day from spring to the end of summer. That said if you want to try lilies in light shade then plant them on the shallower side and try a variety like James Brydon. But if you are suffering from green water (in a shady or sunlit pool) then try a UV based filter, or throw in a bag of daphnia, if you don't have fish, and then you'll have a wildlife pool (with clear water).

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Another lovely, useful article from you, Claudia - and great comments, too. My garden is shady and dry and I've not cracked it thoroughly after 25 years here! I do find, though, that geraniums (cranesbills) are perennially (hoho) successful. I'd love some red and orange but most plants with hot-coloured flowers love the hot sun!

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Kay Finn

Thank you Claudia very useful


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