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No mention of rats and urban foxes getting under decking?

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The Millboard company limited

Rimchef see my comments earlier, basically rats wont live under the decking unless there is an area dry and draft free. ie if the ground is soft enough to burrow into and Dry!! There is a common misunderstanding that the space under a deck is generally dry! If we actually think about it, it never gets the sunlight, the rain always ends up running of the side or ends of the boards down onto the joist and then down onto the ground and as the area never gets the sun it never really dries out save in long periods of dry weather. If the timber deck has been build right, with proper through air flow it will dry quicker than a deck with fascia boards sitting tight on/in the ground or vegetation has grown up to kill the airflow. If the air flow is there it will be too drafty for rats. They are often seen going under or coming out of a deck and again if you consider its a safe haven for them from predators and also often food crumbs get dropped between the deck boards so the area becomes a safe feeding place.

I mentioned before and for Exploit space the subframe Millboard recommends is our Plaspro recycled plastic subframe which does not need protecting and you can happily fill the void between the joists with large pebbled (not pea gravel) which Foxes and rats will not burrow through. This can not be done with timber joists or with Wood plastic composite decking as it is vital that they have a air flow ( not air space) underneath and around them otherwise they will sweat and it will cause rotting and issues with WPC. Millboard does not need to breathe so the void beneath can be filled.

Millboard can be built down into the ground unlike other WPC type decking products.

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rimchef several comments above ref rats, including from me!


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