POLL: Do you iron your sheets?

Emmeline Westin
4 years ago

I really dislike wrinkly sheets, but at the same time ironing them is such a chore. What's your approach? Do you leave them as they are or do you iron them? Let us know what you voted for in the comments section!

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  • mrsmcee74
    No I just take the bedding straight out the tumble drier and on to the bed. If it's for a guest and there are creases, I run the iron over it while it's on the bed.
  • embzop

    Yes, I iron the sheets. The feeling of luxury when I get into bed makes up for the chore of ironing them.

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  • rabbitingon

    I was always taught to iron sheets as it helps to kill of any mites etc. - not sure that it's true but it's stuck in my head so I have to iron!

  • PRO
    Mac interiors

    I always use pure white cotton, wash on a non-iron cycle then if you catch them at the right point from the tumble dryer (about 10 min) basically still quite damp, whilst damp fold your sheets or duvet up to a couple of times then finish the drying over an airer or preferably somewhere hot such as a radiator they look great with no ironing! However I do iron the pillow cases

  • pavinia

    No, but I really wish I did!

  • Tom Flanagan

    I love crinkly linen so I really don't mind that almost 'messy' look - feel like I'm home!

  • Victoria Harrison

    I should but I don't! I should really just buy linen sheets and pillowcases and fully embrace the crumpled look...

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  • PRO
    Ilaria Coppola Design ltd

    I do iron my sheets, I love the feeling of going to bed in a soft wrinkle free bed, it is my treat!

  • PRO
    Yes - because that's what my Mother taught me. However because of this freakish need for perfection there is always a massive pile in the ironing basket!! But nothing beats getting into a bed with newly ironed sheets
  • teenytinyhouse

    No, but I do iron the pillow cases!

  • atlantictower

    I love ironed sheets. We have lots of visitors to our costal home, so I have invested in a large steam press. Quick and easy. Well worth the money.

  • tiredoldwoman

    I always have my best sleeps in a freshy laundered and ironed set of sheets . I always iron mine , they look better in the linen cupboard , too !

  • Sally Maguire-Symonds
    I use fitted sheets which are so pulled it has the effect of ironing without the bother. Getting them on the bed is a bit of a stretch!
  • keen bean

    I don't bother with the fitted sheets but the flat sheet and duvet, yes definitely. Of course it depends on the look/material. A jacquard duvet will often hang out the creases itself, but guest bedroom sheets must always be crisp and crease free. I have just treated myself to the luxury of linen sheets in the master bedroom - gorgeous french chic - crumple look. Love it and so hassle free.

  • R Thomas Rainbow

    I'm afraid I don't iron mine - I send them to the laundry; it's my one luxurious vice - I iron almost everything else - even teatowels (but not underpants).

  • PRO
    Stella Michael

    While I'd love ironed sheets I barely iron anything let alone sheets. My mother was a dressmaker so I learnt a lot about fabric at an early age so choose well so rarely need to iron.

    I have gorgeous cotton sateen high thread sheets and once out of the washing machine, fold and hang them over my kitchen radiators so they don't get too wrinkly, life's too short to spend ironing!

  • Jackie Hayward

    I rarely iron my bed linen, I dry them outside and all of the wrinkles seem to blow away.

  • k11agl
    I'm likely to burn the house down, break the floor, suffocate myself within etc. if I do it. M&S do a nice range of quality, affordable and no need to iron beddings and they are my favourite!!
  • curlybex

    Oh yes I do. It's the most lovely treat at the end of a long day, falling into cool, smooth, fresh smelling sheets. I fill my steam iron w lavender and rosemary water. My guests say they catch wafts of it as their heads hit the pillow and my linen cupboard smells hauntingly of the Herbs.

  • Average Jo

    I do... and I don't mind at all, if I'm not pressed for time. I still get a kick out of the technique I learned for folding and ironing fitted sheets. (You can see something similar here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z5k9nWcuFc). And yet, I'm now feeling quite jealous of @atlantictower and that wonderfully efficient steam press.

  • laird_carol

    I iron only the top quarter of the top sheet and the pillowcases. This makes the bed look tailored and fresh when made.

  • PRO
    Stella Michael

    Hey AverageJo, I agree we should all get our jollies where we can! I actually don't mind ironing that much, what I hate is the set up time and hassle usually to iron one item. One day I will have a proper laundry with space to have the ironing board up permanently or even a fold-down/out, over-looking a nice view and then maybe I will iron more (or not). I have a friend who loves it and uses it as a kind of meditation, she finds it very soothing.

  • PRO
    Ensign Accessories

    Like others, I used to iron sheets - trouble is that it made no difference. One night later and it was if I had not bothered. One thing I cannot abide is crinkled up sheets that have not been folded over properly. I will actually get up in the middle of the night to straighten them. Sad or what?

  • nudejude

    Love me some super smooth, freshly ironed, clean sheets to climb into. I even enjoy ironing them, as I think back to the time as a child when I would sit and watch my Mum ironing sheets for four separate beds, and then hanging them to air in front of the fire. Lovely memories!

  • reasmith
    I really wish I did but ironing is not one of my best talents. I do iron curtains as these are on display at my house.
  • bushez
    Im far too lazy for that, besides one nights sleep usually does the trick. Job done ;) Dont tell my mom though
  • Kate Murphy
    I don' iron sheets but I did see on a design show. They made the bed and took a hand held steamer to get the wrinkles out.
  • Iona

    I am like Sally, I found that fitted sheets when stretched tight over each corner seems to smooth the wrinkles away. So no, I do not iron sheets either.

    Hey, Average Jo, thank you so much for the Youtube video, I knew there had to be a way....not tried yet, but will next time I was one of my sheets and don't use it straight away.

  • crowningfashion

    I iron everything - bed linen, socks, underwear, tea towels - you name it I iron and starch it. I did try starching the tea towels but I soon realised the starch stopped them from being absorbant! Lol!

  • R Thomas Rainbow

    Supergirlvintage - SOCKS??!!

    And don't you find starched underwear rather uncomfortable....?

  • crowningfashion

    @Rainbow- nope ;) I love seeing everything in its place looking immaculate without a crease. Now you must remember we are talking a quick spray of starch and with the exception of sheets I'm not starching as firm as a board. You should try the socks it's a nice feeling :-p

  • irenecb


  • chookchook2

    No, most of the people in my generation that I know, are avoiding ironing as much as possible.

  • Caz

    I love, love clean laundered bedlinen, its like staying in an hotel. So I have mine sent to the laundry for washing, starching and ironing as I hate the task myself. Its my one luxury and indulgence in my retirement.

  • milfordmaid

    Iron sheets when on the bed but only when absolutely necessary. Same with duvet covers.,iron on bed before putting duvet into it. If linen is hung + dried properly - very little ironing needed. Like others - I iron pillow cases.....

  • Heidi Freeman
    I really surprised by how many people iron their sheets!
  • Jan Johnson

    My sheets are line dried and have peg marks, I still dont iron. i fold the top sheet under the duvet and no one sees the peg marks. I only iron cotton clothing.

  • amywandlass

    What?!!! Iron sheets?!!! It never occurred to me.......

    Duvet covers maybe for special occasions, like once a year when my mother comes over.

  • PRO
    Deborah Law Interiors

    always buy the best sheets that don't need ironing!

  • dianatate

    I do not iron ANYTHING! Lay folded sheets, pillowcases, etc., from the washing machine flat and lay all other washing flat on top without folding, smoothing out creases as I go (sleeves folded in flat) and tea towels after boiling on top. leave for at least half an hour (longer if possible) and the weight of the damp washing presses it for you. I sometimes do it the night before and hang out early the next morning. In bad weather put on a huge dryer hanging in the bathroom. Shirts HAVE to be non-iron! Job done!!

  • PRO
    DeWoolfson Down

    We suggest removing sheets from the dryer before they are completely dry to avoid deep-set wrinkles. Steaming is actually more gentle on fabrics. If we have to iron, the wrinkles release easier when the sheets are a tad damp.

  • Emmanuelle
    Life is too short to iron sheets. However, I do have a good and neat folding technic. Then, pile them all up neatly. When I need one, looks like it has been ironed, even have folding creases.
  • milfordmaid

    Supervintagegirl- have you every seen or read about "Extreme Irining" as a sport? There are World Championships in it. Got a book on it as a fun wedding present for a cousin who has been known to ask you to take of some item of clothing that you are wearing as you stand in front of her so she can iron it for you!! I kid you not .... My SIL not far behind. Spent 4hrs - FOUR FULL HOURS - Irining her 20 something year olds shirts the other evening !!! It would take less time to train them to do their own. Ho hum .... ironing can be very therapeutic tho ....

  • maddiemo

    Bottom fitted sheets stretch out creases anyway and if you have a tumble dryer and take your laundry straight out at the end of the drying cycle, there's definitely no need to iron. I guess pure cotton or linen might need it, but they're a pain because they crease once you sleep in them anyway. Compliments to those that have the inclination to bother though, I think?!

  • atalantah

    I've always loved ironed sheets and agree with curlybex about the feel of them! I used to iron my sheets by hand (and I HATE ironing, but it was well worth it!) Ten years ago, I bought a Miele Rotary Iron (which was just under half the price then, that it is now weirdly) and it is one of the best household items I have ever bought - Highly recommended in front of the telly! ;)

  • ianthy

    No - I dry them on a airer, so no need to iron.

  • PRO
    AG Interiors

    I love crisp, white, ironed sheets but I hate ironing so I wash mine at home and then send them to the laundry to be pressed !

  • lisa77226
    If you buy quality sheets, you don't have to iron them. I have a set that cost me £350. Gorgeous gorgeous white, soft and slightly slippy, and soooo decadent! They've never seen an iron and look fabulous even after they've been slept in, in fact they get better with age.
  • Heidi Cullen

    I don't even own an iron! Life is way too short as it is so there is no way I'm spending time doing ironing. I have rumpled sheets and duvet covers but throw on a satin counterpane and who would know?

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