patio doors -I really want sliding doors but I'm told it's not an opti

30 January, 2016

Hi guys, need some help. So I've always envisaged having sliding doors as my patio doors but unfortunately my dad says this is no longer an option because of the dimensions and the distance from the wall etc etc. I have no idea. However my dimensions are 1795mm (w) by 2105mm (h) is there anywhere which does sliding doors with these measurements. I really don't want double doors, it just doesn't look the same. I wanted something which saved space and let in a lot of light. If I can't have them what are my options? I don't have a massive budget.

Advice appreciated

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  • Victoria
    I have no idea why your dad would say that, contact a window company of your choosing, I'm sure they will be able to accommodate your request.
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  • k_smith33
    What about a compromise and maybe add a bi folding or tri folding door ?? They are all the rage currently I have spec'ed. load recently and your dims are fine
  • PRO
    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    The reason that you're dad is telling you this is because of the sizes of the doors. Each door will be less than 3ft wide, and ordinary sliding doors do not slide back completely behind the other, therefore, the gap that you walk through to get outside will be impeeded, probably by around 10-12 inches. When you take into consideration the width of the frame on both sides, your gap will be tiny, i'm hazzarding a guess at somewhere in the realm of 20-24 inches.

    Of course it is possible, you can have them whatever size you like. Just ask the window company what gap you'll be left with to walk through ! Other sliding doors ( the expensive ones ) - push out then slide over, making your gap larger.

    If you can afford it, then bi-folds will work, other than that two lovely large patio doors that open out mounted toward the outer edge of the building so that they fold as flat a possible agains the outside walls.

    We put these on one of our builds, and it's fabulously light and airy inside and the doors open a long way out and back

    These are the sort that you mean, and we have put them on builds, but you end up having to turn slightly sideways to go through them because of the diminished gap!

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  • memyshell

    Thanks for explaining. I just don't understand why they left me with these dimensions, i was always clear i wanted typical sliding doors, so I'm a bit annoyed they couldn't accommodate one before they laid the brickwork. I would love to do what you have done, with the full length windows and doors but they've laid the bricks which mean I've only just got doors to let in any light. Thanks for your advice, I'll see what double doors are available or bi-folds within my budget

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    Man About The House - The DIY & Odd Job Handyman

    What size returns on the brickwork do you have?? Is it too late for the builders to cut the brickwork back? ( They'll just do it with an angle grinder and chisel ) It does depend on the lintel that's across the top. You never know if you don't ask !! Good luck x

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  • PRO
    Vyou Home Improvements

    You can have the doors whatever size you like and we would be happy to give you a quote on them.

    However the comments above are correct because of the size the opening would be smaller and that is what he was probably suggesting.



  • PRO
    IQ Glass UK

    It is possible. You will want to opt for a system with as small a frame as possible as it will be a small opening, you want to maximise glass and minimise frame.

    the rule of thumb is normal that you cannot have a sliding door pane with a width less than a 1/3 of the height. For example if the sliding door were 3m tall the panes could not be less than 1m wide.

    This is a good example of a really small opening with sliding doors >

    Camberwell · More Info

    It used the minimal windows sliding doors into a structural glass box design

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