First Christmas with New Cat: hints, tips and warnings sought!

30 November, 2018

Hi, all, meet Greebo, also known as "Trouble", "Madam" and "Stinky Beast" (the latter only when changing her litter tray, lol). She's a one year old moggy tortoiseshell, and has been rehomed with us after 4 previous homes in a very short time. She's pretty laid back, loves her jingle ball and her scratching posts, and already rules the roost.

This is our first Christmas with a cat, and we'd be really grateful for any hints, tips and warnings you might have as to how to decorate a house without causing injuries to ourselves or the cat, or any serious damage/fires.

We've already worked out that glass ornaments within reach are a Bad Idea, so we're planning to put those strung across command hooks at the top of the walls. And Argos are doing a Cat Proof Christmas Tree that is looking increasingly attractive. After that we're out of ideas, short of "tack your christmas cards to the wall and be done with it"!

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  • mare9772
    Ah, she’s lovely. I give my boy his own length of ribbon and wrapping paper to play with so he doesn’t bother me (pounce) when I’m wrapping. Does she like to play?
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  • T Gray

    Firstly, thank you for giving such a lovely kitty a home. You are a wonderful person. Secondly, awesome name, Pratchett fan perhaps? Thirdly, unfortunately there is no such thing as cat proof, only cat resistant :D.

    As we have 5, I feel qualified to comment on this. Re the tree, only use decorations that can withstand being pulled off and played with, nothing fragile at all. We didn't have a tree for the first couple of years with our lot, we decorated their cat tree with kitty toys instead. Never let them get hold of tinsel, it can be fatal if they eat it. Don't have lights with wires dangling that they can chew, kitten teeth will get to the electrics. If you do have a tree, make sure that when, not if it goes over it doesn't take out anything expensive or precious.

    Anything and everything is a toy at that age, work with it not against it and you will be fine.

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  • teenytinyhouse

    Hi, mare9772, yes she likes to play, and has started resorting to steroetype by attacking my knitting, lol.! She did completely ignore the wrapping paper and ribbons, but the Sellotape Must Die, apparently.

    T Gray, aw thank you., hardly, but I try! Yeah, massive Pratchett fan. The name was non-negotiable, and even though she's a Queen she's still a Greebo. She's currently known as "Mummy's little fiend". The cat seems to find the staff adequate, except when her dinner is 5 minutes late, then we are the Worst Humans On The Planet, hehe. Would not have thought of the tinsel, that's exactly the sort of warning I was hoping for, thank you!

    T Gray, she doesn't have a cat tree yet, she's getting one for Christmas (well, in the post Christmas sales, but cats can't read calendars so...)

    NB: If anyone else is looking at this thread for tips, a mate of mine just verbally warned me about poinsettia, which is massively toxic to cats! Thought I'd plonk it here.

  • T Gray

    Here is what our furry idiots did to our tree. :D

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  • nmlondon

    she might even not be interested in the tree, our two don't care, but most of the baubles are plastic and had to remove tinsel... they prefer boxes, paper bags etc

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  • teenytinyhouse

    T Gray, nmlondon these are hilarious, thank you! Cats are monsters, lol. Cute, manipulative big eyed gorgeous monsters.

    So we're going with a short potted tree, and we're putting some bricks in the bottom of the bucket to help with the centre of gravity. Hopefully the soil, pot, bucket and bricks will all help keep it upright. It's also going in a room that she's only allowed in with us. Plastic ornaments only on the tree, tinsel either tied/pegged onto the tree, or out of reach entirely, same with glass ornaments. Having seen your picture, T Gray, I'm wondering about chaining it to the wall as well, hehe.

    Boxes are an issue as she does tend to think any open box is a litter tray, unfortunately. Less "I fits I sits" more I "I fits I <<ahem>>" We got a second litter tray, which seems to have stopped it, but we're a bit wary about experimenting with giving her another box to play in!

    Keep the suggestions and warnings coming (or just share the pain and cat/Christmas fails to make me feel better, hehe)

  • forzaitalia

    The fact that you have adopted her after so many unsuccessful homes is probably her favourite Christmas wish. Bless you. My sister bought a small tree to go on her dining table when she had a new kitty, so it was out of the way. It did the job, although we all know how agile cats can be! I find the naughtier they are, the more I love them. One of ours climbed up the curtains when she was about 6 months old - she managed to pull down half the curtain rail, naughty! It did make us chuckle though.

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  • teenytinyhouse

    forzaitalia, aw thank you. Re: agility, so true, so true, she gets everywhere! We're resigned to wiping down the counters and dining table before getting any food out, as she rather likes the dining table as a perch (thank heaven for wipe clean tablecloths). Not much point trying to stop her, she'll do it the moment our backs are turned anyway, lol.

    If anyone is wondering, she does have a stocking coming from Santa ;)

    We did just order a replacement second litter box for a hooded one (she doesn't so much scatter litter as throw it around). Being good Houzzers, we picked the blue one to coordinate with the decor. I'm sure you'll approve!

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