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Kim Westwood

love all the ideas. But I find most window sills are not quite wide enough for displaying pot plants. English homes seem to have a very generous window sill which I think is a great idea.

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Gerry Rust

Some great ideas, as someone who can not see a space without itching to put something in it, my windowsills are all in use but I like the idea of the hanging herbs in the kitchen. I love plants but they don't love me! To be fair this house is particularly dark but I have managed to keep a cheap Calla lilly from Ikea alive for over a year now, which is a record, it's obviously a real fighter! I was given a beautiful (and I suspect very expensive) orchid which barely lasted a month, so that rules out the row of orchids idea, lovely as they are.

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Yes, I think one has to have a way with plants, Gerry, AND check stuff out about them beforehand!! My son bought me a money tree some while back. Thought "Soil is bone dry. Needs a good watering." And that's what killed it! :-( One by one its leaves fell off and I was helpless to do anything about it. I was so sad not just for the plant but the fact it was such a sweet, thoughtful gift at the time.... But herbs. Could give them a go....

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