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Does anybody have experience with under-stairs storage like the one shown on the second picture? While it looks beautiful, I wonder how the space is utilized. How deep is the storage? I doubt it is as deep as the stairs width. Is there anything else behind it?

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Exploit Space

vv0123 My (never very humble opinion) of under stair storage is as follows....

The stair stringer is always supported by the back wall so you will always have the full width of the treds to work with unless you have gas or electric meters in there.

Clever mechanisms and systems with cupboards, shelves and racks that move are a waste or space and money (look great in a photo but the reality is something else). The mechanisms and materials used in construction use so much of the available storage void and cost so much money they are wasteful for most people. I always recommend people create as much easy access as possible and try and organise te space internally to stuff can be retrieved with "relative" ease, but you have to accept the "relative " caveat, it's an awkward space in a high traffic area of the home so its is compromised right from the get go. There is one we are working on now...

a frame and doors made slightly more usable with Elfa basket towers...

laters gaters

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@ vv0123 My understairs cupboards go the full width of the stairs its currently being built off site and the carpenter commented on how deep the drawers actually are. I'm having three sets of drawers and a small closet for coats which will be hung on hangers. i'm 5"11" and I can still stand in the closet with plenty of headroom.


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