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Andrea Sartori Ltd

Our problem is books. We have about 8000 of them, stored according to subject in the library (es a room just for our books!) But I have an inventory, library style and they are stored according to subject. And yes, we DO read them. When a new book finds its way into the house, we say goodbye to an old one. This applies to everything we do now, and we look at it as an 'upgrading process' if I get a crystal vase, I chuck out a glass one, for example.

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After reading this article I got in contact with Jackie from Association of Professional Declutterers & Organiser (APDO). I had 30 years of paperwork and was overwhelmed with the task of sorting/decluttering. Jackie is amazing to work with. This is the before picture. All the boxes were full of papers. There have already been numerous bags of paper for recycling. Will post the after picture later.
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Our house is cluttered and I was procrastinating and didn't know where to start. I made a rule that I need to throw out/donate 3 things a day until our house feels clear. We also now have a rule of 1 in, 1 out so a new item of clothing, ornament or otherwise means we have to choose something immediately that is parted with. It's working really well as 3 things a day is not overwhelming and if I slip up, I double up the next day. I often find I get rid of more than three items and it's really satisfying to let go of what are essentially dust gatherers. I have a large bag handy both upstairs and downstairs and once a week or when they're full I give them to charity or family / friends to look through and dump. I have trouble doing the final step, so I find it helps to complete the cycle by asking my mother to drop a bag for me if she's going into our nearby town or my husband to drop one on his way to work.

I think the key is developing strategies that work for you and asking yourself sensible questions like: does it bring me joy? (My favourite as quite often it might come in handy but it's actually causing me stress getting in the way, cluttering cupboards and making it harder to clean!) When did I last use/wear that? Will I really miss it if I haven't used it in the last year?

I now find myself sitting at my desk or lying in bed thinking "that can be one of my 3 things today". Try it, it works!

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