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deborah eade

@ keiblem

I have heard on Houzz that building regs in some jurisdictions don't allow w/machines to be upstairs or in places where the reverberation risks annoying neighbours or possibly inadequate distance between a source of water and a permanently installed electrical device. Whatever, the ideal is a utility room with easy access to where the washing is hung out and brought in (downpour yesterday so rapid action required) to where it is ironed. In other words, it all depends.

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Deborah Eade
Thank you for your rapid and useful response. It always pays to be on the right side of Building Regs.
On the subject of vibration and bounce I have come across vibration damping pads, called Anti Walk Silent Feet’, that the supplier suggests are designed for reducing that. They are made from something called Sorbothane. I haven’t used them so cannot recommend.

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Lynda Ridley

When I had my washing machine installed in my bathroom I was told it was ok so long as the socket was outside the bathroom.


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