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Our original Synlawn was fantastic. Unfortunately when we needed to renovate (add a mother suite) the new Synlawn wasn't laid down properly & the real grass/weeds keep growing through it. HELP? I had to put down fake grass as our lawn was in the shade, got pooled with water when it rained & was always muddy. And with 6 large was gross. At least the fake grass doesn't do that as long as we keep pulling out the weeds that grow through. Does it have to be redone? That's a lot of $$$. :(

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Margaret Barkley

We built a ‘poo garden’ for our pooch accidentally. He likes privacy for doing his business and we have a large wooden box planter and some tall dietes screening off what has become his ‘business’ area hidden from view under a large locquat tree at the back fence. He made it his own area. We have a large garden around our pool that is heavily planted and screened off with complying pool fences. The pooch can’t access them, nor the two side gardens beside the house ( unless he’s invited under supervision). He has access to our lawn though for sun baking, his private garden and the patio area that is paved and has a roof to get out of the rain and heat. But mostly he likes to be with us ( retired) inside the house, lying by a sunny window or snoozing on the sofa. Ah! Dogs have it all!

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Terri Reid

We had pet grade artificial turf installed in our backyard when we moved to a new home in California. The original yard was mostly dirt due to the drought. Though I know that issues around putting more plastic on the ground, it allowed us to get rid of 5 sprinkler heads and conserve water. It also gave our 3 dogs a place to play and to relieve themselves as the remainder of the yard was all concrete and pool.

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