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Aura9 Design

Glad carpets are coming back... I like wooden floors but would hate to have a home with a vast expanse of cold, hard, shiny tiles over most of the ground floor as so many houses seem to be getting at the moment - fine in the bathroom but not anywhere else if you want a cosy, comfortable home!

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deborah eade

soozmacrae, we have no books in our house that are 'for show' or coffee tables (don't have one of those either!) all of them have been read by at least one member of the family and often more, largely literary and historical works, feminism, philosophy, political science and then things like musical scores, professional journals. I have culled hundreds that didn't merit a third read, but it is truly a trial of Sisyphus. Culling items with no emotional connections is so easy!

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My two penn'orth: Fitted carpets are cosy, for sure, in certain houses - but I adore my floorboards and old rugs. Yes, carpet (and clothes) moths are an absolute pest and have eaten nearly every woollen item I own! I have ceased to worry about them. I'd never get an exterminator in - I'd rather control the population, which I've successfully done with pheromone traps.

Panelling - it can look good in the right context and designed sensibly, but could look contrived and pretentious.

Bookcases - I adore mine - alcove shelves in two sitting rooms; a freestanding bookcase in my bedroom; and my entire landing upstairs is lined, I'm definitely not showing off - it's a true and deep love.

Wallpaper in a bathroom? Again, it can look good if done well.

Trends? Not for me! :)


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