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I must say as someone that owns a construction company in west London there is nothing more exciting for me and the team to do something that's unique, When it comes to design. We have done lots of loft conversions and all being the same with nothing different when it comes to deign. We try and push ideas and sometimes get more glass involved or different bathroom layouts like having a role top Bath in the bedroom etc. but loving the designs in this article.
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Love this article, most of the lofts I see are so predictable. I am hoping to be able to add a mansard loft to my butterfly roof and, freeholder and council permitting, I can't wait to make it unique. It is reassuring to see someone else thinks it is ok to put any staircase in, anywhere, as I had one architect say I should respect the Victorian design and put the staircase above the existing one!

If I can't build a loft, I want to open up and utilise the small double lofts of the butterfly roof to make the rooms more interesting and add space. Unfortunately I can't find many examples of this in a butterfly (or London) roof. It is a very hard thing to google search as the key words bring up many other things! If anyone has any photos I would love to see them.

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Derwinder McNamara Mcnamara
what a beautiful loft great design really fashion

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