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Loving the black framed shower screens, looking for one for my new bathroom. Any ideas where to find them in the UK please? Thanks

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Sam Shear

The accessories stand out. Could I completely change how my bathroom feels with a smaller budget of £1,000 just by adding lots of accessories like the clock, the stand, the towel rack etc?

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I live in a small one-bedroom, one bath condo that is approx 665 sq ft of total living space, so while the bathroom is functional and has enough room to move around, it is small. When I moved in a little less than a year ago, the bathroom was very modern, but the finishes were mixed brushed nickel and bright chrome. At first it didn't bother me much, but every time I used the bathroom, the more I hated it. The layout is fine, so I didn't think a major remodel was necessary, just an update/mini-makeover was all that was needed. So three or four months ago, I decided to do something about it. I knew I wanted a less modern look, but wasn't exactly sure what I wanted instead. I spent about two months doing research on accessories in a more traditional, almost Victorian style, and eventually started purchasing. I decided on a polished chrome finish for everything -- I just like the look of it better than some of the newer finishes that are so popular now. When I had all my materials together, I started looking for a handyman to do the work. I spent about $650 in total, which included materials and labor. I had a fresh coat of paint put on the walls as the first step. I also replaced the light fixture and mirror above the vanity, put in a new faucet and showerhead, put new knobs on the vanity cabinet doors, replaced the towel bar and rings and I purchased two wall cabinets to replace a metal over-the-toilet shelving unit that I had had for years and was just sick of. I even replaced the doorknobs on the bathroom entry door and the linen closet. I found a new shower curtain that would work with my new, traditional decor and I purchased new towels and rugs also. There are still a couple of things to be done to completely finish the project, but I'm extremely happy with the way the room came out. It's much cleaner and brighter and the traditional look goes along with the decor in the rest of the house. The first two attached pics are the Before (sorry, I know those aren't very good, but all I have), the rest are the After. I'd be interested to hear what you think ! (Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress -- I want to paint the mirror a brighter white, stain the vanity a darker color and the door you see on the right in the photos
is my laundry closet, which I want to change to a bifold. Too many doors in a limited space, making it difficult for them to open fully.)


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