POLL: Gas or induction hob?

Emmeline Westin
10 February, 2015
We know Houzzers are passionate about their kitchens and we suspect you might be vocal about your hob choices, too.

So let's do this, which one do you prefer for your kitchen - gas or induction hob?

(As someone who grew up with a sad electric hob, I give both thumbs up!)
Something else - please share!

Comments (50)

  • deepah
    I vote for gas hobs but i am still in search of an unusual gas hob available in UK
  • PRO
    24mm Photography
    Induction here. Much easier to clean, just as reactive as gas, makes 'slaving over a hot stove' a thing of the past and it's cat proof!
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    Lucy it's a Neff I89EH52NOB island hood. I think if I bought another I would go for the one without glass the I79MT64N1B which covers the whole hob area. I find I have to have mine on high power so that it pulls the steam from the pans on the flexi zone areas of the hob. I like the ceiling extractors but I wasn't sure how efficient and noisy they would be as they have to pull the steam from quite a distance. The flexi hob is amazing and I love having it on the island. Good luck with your renovation.
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    Advice on hobs - domino for gas & induction?


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    I am on my second induction hob. Both in an island. Would I swap back to gas (which was what I had previously) not a chance. Induction all the way. It's economical to run, fast as most rings have booster buttons and very clean. Image cooking a frying pan of bacon and sausage. The spit of the fat goes everywhere. With gas you have to dismantle the whole top of the hob. With an induction hob you spray with something like Ciff and wipe off with a damp cloth. Buff with a microfibre cloth and hey presto done. My first was an AEG which was brilliant. Almost 10 years later and poof, caput. I now have a Bosch which is excellent but doesn't have the option of having the booster on every ring at the same time. Just a small thing, other to that no difference between the two. Choose no edging on for easy clean and no knobs. I cannot praise the invention of induction jobs enough. Absolutely marvellous.
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    I am such a convert! The induction gives just as much control as the gas used to, and only one of my pans didn't work and it wasn't a hardship to get a new one. The safety factor is hugely higher, not to mention easier cleaning! Yes, it was expensive in comparison, but I absolutely love it.
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    induction hob size help for island


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    Mine was an 800 before I removed the glass - the main fan section is smaller of course so I presume that it’s the actual canopy that makes the difference ie if the extractor canopy is 800 with an 800 hob then most of the steam that rises, should hit the top of the canopy and be drawn towards the extractor. Even though we removed the glass on ours, it will be set into a suspended wood canopy so in effect, the steam should do the same thing. I’m told induction hobs are super steamy, ha ha. We got a Neff extractor which is also v quiet so hoping it does the trick!
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  • alant1000
    I've got an induction hob but actually I prefer gas.
  • PRO
    Razina Bargit
    I learned to cook and grew up using a gas hob. I recently started using an induction job and can't believe how much bad press they get for being slow.
    They're a dream to clean and much safer, and not at all slow.
    Am I too spoilt to ask for both in my future kitchen?
  • Barbara Craig
    In an ideal world where I don't have to do any cleaning - both. Gas superior for frying/sealing meat, but then the cleaning :(
  • culverdenkaty
    I love induction, not only are they as responsive as gas and easier to clean, your pans and their handles don't get hot, so no setting the tea towel on fire trying to take a burning hot pan off the oven!
  • Sarah Dixon
    We have always been avid fans of gas but chose to put an induction hob in when we had a new kitchen back in June- and we would never now go back to gas...

    You have all the benefits of cooking on gas with the added benefits of far more control, the very quick "cold to boil" features and the cleaning is very easy. All our friends and family who have been round and used it have commented on how brilliant it is.
  • Luisa Rollenhagen
    I prefer gas, because I feel it's easier to control the heat level for searing, simmering, etc!
  • PRO
    Jessop and Cook Architects
    Induction hobs are great for cleaning and ever day use, but the magnetic fields they use have the potential to interfere with medical implants such as pacemakers and insulin pumps.
    Something which should be considered before buying if you or your family and friends have one fitted. Its worth checking the manufacturers guidance before buying.
  • jacksplash
    Just put in induction hob in the last few months and find it great. I had gas many years ago and also found it good,so maybe a vote for both!
  • PRO
    Hale and Murray Ltd
    If you buy the right induction hob, it is quicker and had more control than gas. You can melt chocolate in a saucepan if you so wished. They are cleaner and safer to use.
    Yes they have magnetic fields but so do sliding doors into most shops. It pays to check with the manufacturer of the hob and also your consultant, but I have sold induction hobs to customers with pacemakers.
    Saucepans have come down in price, some manufacturers offer a free set when you purchase their hob. You can also buy pressure cookers, griddle plates, roasting tins, etc to use on them now.
    I had one until I moved house and for the time being I have to put up with a slow, labour intensive gas hob!!
  • standroid
    Gas hobs look dated now and are a pain to clean. Induction is cheaper to run. Good excuse to bin horrible old pans and have some new ones. No brainer.
  • dikiz
    induction,switched from gas 2years ago
  • PRO
    Julie Sheldon
    It may be me,but I prefer the taste of the food from a gas hob. I do prefer the induction for cleaning purposes though and how quick everything heats up.
  • pavinia
    I don't trust inductions - they don't feel real. I like to be able to see the flame and quickly adjust it when I need to.
  • Sarah
    I agree with Pavinia - I need to see the flame to believe it! Though the easy cleaning of induction hobs is very tempting...
  • Sam Hill
    Induction is not very responsive. Also if you have gas pans (curved on the bottom) they don't work on induction.
    With gas, either curved of flat bottoms work.
    But gas is harder to clean.
  • PRO
    Definitely gas every time and cleaning is no problem if you use a steam cleaner!
  • Average Jo
    The gas flame is so intuitive. I do like that. And it's a small, strange point but I have a bit of a thing about cutting down on the number of shiny black void surfaces in my home.
  • oirishgal
    We chose induction because the gas company wanted to charge us a fortune for piping gas into our home. We love induction. Also, we only have one bill ( electricity), as opposed to gas and electricity.
  • PRO
    Anthony Edwards Kitchens
    We have had positive feedback from our customer. We always advise pay close attention when first using an induction hob, they come to heat fast, much faster than gas !
  • PRO
    Anthony Edwards Kitchens
    other points are they are energy efficient, have a discreet look, and they don't get left on. But as hinted at above we have had customers burning things in the first couple of weeks.
  • telabadmanwot
    gas. I hate cooking on electric. but electric looks better.
  • teenytinyhouse
    My BF has a gas hob, and swears by it. But cleaning it is an absolute nightmare and takes the best part of an hour to do properly! I have an induction hob. Just as reactive, sleeker looking, cools instantly and with a quick wipe of the microfibre cloth, it's sparkling clean in seconds! It's a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned!

    Only pain is that I had to chuck and buy pans, as they need to be magnetic. Did raise a chuckle in the shop, though (in the days before they were clearly labelled) as I was wandering about tapping a fridge magnet to all the saucepans!
  • macmuser
    Induction slow? Rubbish, just like the induction hob that you used to judge them slow. Far more controllable than gas from a huge amount of power to boil water quicker than a kettle, down to a tiny trickle for leaving stocks on all day. When I make jam I know what 'number' to leave the induction hob on so I can walk away and do something else for 15 minutes while the jam reaches the setting point and doesn't burn the bottom of the pan or boil over. Try that with gas.
  • PRO
    If you prefer your gas hob but have trouble cleaning it, these tips might help:
    - Soak removable parts overnight to make them easier to clean the next day
    - Use a Magic Eraser to remove dried spills
    - Use a stainless steel scouring pad or scrubbing brush to remove burnt-on food (unless your hob surface is easily damaged, in which case avoid abrasive tools)
  • PRO
    Aflux Designs
    I would say it depends on the user. I don't cook much, but my clients prefer gas hobs. more flexibility, and there are simply more pans available. However some people prefer aesthetic to function, and they prefer the flat, clean minimalistic look that induction gives you (and yes easier to clean). However, also note the induction pans are expensive!!! Given all this, if I was refurbishing my own place, I would play safe and go for gas
  • PRO
    Aflux Designs
    apologies - noted that the picture has no hob, but a sink! (equally valuable in a kitchen I might add!)
  • macmuser
    Aflux, why do you say induction pans are expensive? Apart from the trashy, very cheap pans, nearly all are induction-friendly nowadays. Ikea do a range of own brand pans, as do Robert Dyas. Meanwhile on Amazon I see a set of 5 Tefal induction-safe pans for £36. Personally I like Circulon brand because they are excellent quality and their life-time guarantee is honoured by the manufacturer.
  • pilarj
    After years of gas hob (Smeg) we now have an induction hob and I LOVE it. So much better then gas, more sensitive/reactive, easier to regulate, safer, so many more options linking timing to the hobs; and yes so much safer & easier to clean. Yes I did have to replace a few pans but I would never go back to gas now!
  • Tom Flanagan
    Induction! I've got a gas hob and it scares me a little...
  • PRO
    86 Baily
    Would have to say gas all the way
  • Susie
    I like my induction hob for all the reasons mentioned above, but find it frustrating that you cannot tilt a frying pan(you need to maintain contact with the cooking surface) when cooking an egg to keep it in a small area, or to baste it with hot fat. The ease of cleaning more than compensates for this though. One other point I feel the heat is more concentrated on the base of the pan (gas spreads up the sides of the pan) and I have had a few burnt batches of marmalade.
  • macmuser
    When I make marmalade I keep it on maximum (not boost) stirring all the time, until the setting temperature is reached, then turn it to 70 or 80% to reduce the liquid if there is too much. That's the point I can walk away and know it won't burn. I've had two induction hobs and both were the same for cooking although I have to say the lower cost Zanussi had more scratch-resistant glass and better controls than the expensive Bosch I bought recently.
  • PRO
    Winchester Kitchens
    Induction hobs are certainly the way forward! Approximately 80% of our clients now choose this way of cooking. Instant control, easy to clean and looks sleek in any kitchen. This new Miele model even incorporates a wok solution.
  • philip mills
    Was not sure about induction before but now wouldn't be without it just brilliant so responsive you can watch the boiling water go to simmer. One wipe and it's clean were as with gas you've all the pan supports and burners to clean
  • southernpointofview

    Who couldn't love gas on a lovely range like this? Cooking is an art and "live fire" is essential to the human soul.

  • PRO

    I've just found my comment from February 2015 - I voted for gas. Then late last summer I found myself passing a John Lewis of Hungerford showroom and an ex-display kitchen quite literally flew out of the door, shook me by the shoulders and shouted 'BUY ME, BUY ME'! So I listened and I did! The kitchen came with a Neff induction hob so I thought I'd give it a go - with deep scepticism. Within one meal, cooked by induction I was converted! It's a breeze - so incredibly sensitive. Much more sensitive than gas - and FAST. I love it and would never have considered it as an option for me, having loved gas hobs forever. My vote's now changed - induction hob for me!

  • Jonathan
    I have an induction hob. It is useful as it is an additional flat surface in the kitchen but I just don't believe it is as fast as gas and frankly I don't like it as much.
    However the more we use fossil fuels the faster they will run out so we may all have to have induction in 40 years time.
  • PRO
    Dajon Interiors Ltd

    Induction hobs outselling gas hobs 10 to 1.

    Clients love the flat surface, easy to clean and look nicer.

  • PRO
    McEvoy & Rowley

    We've seen a big increase in sales of induction hobs, very popular with our customer base. They're easy to clean, super responsive and their sleek look is a big selling point too.

  • PRO
    Illustrate Kitchens Limited

    Gas all the way!!

  • PRO
    Acre Design LTD

    I like the immediate temperature control of gas.

  • Mr T

    Do you still use gas for lighting and running your fridge? Are your kitchen floors still hard-packed dirt, with wattle and daub walls? The reason they aren't is because things have moved on and far better options are available. Until you actually use an induction hob you will never realise how silly it sounds to say gas is more controllable. The only thing gas has going for it is that the hobs are cheap. Otherwise they are wasteful of heat, expensive to run, dirty and lack the controllability of even the lowest cost induction hob.

  • Daisy England
    Induction without a doubt. On my second. I'd never ever go back to a dirty gas hob.
  • PRO

    I totally agree with Daisy !

  • PRO
    Pamela Langbridge Curtains and Upholstery

    Just had my kitchen redone and love the induction hob. It heats up and cools down so quickly. I do love my Aga though. Never had gas. The pain is having to buy pots and pans suitable for induction

  • Mr T

    Induction-safe pots and pans are low cost and available from Ikea, Dyas, Aldi and Lidl. On Amazon you can buy a complete set for £35. My preference is for Meyer's Circulon which seem expensive (good discounts available on the Web) but they come with a lifetime guarantee that Meyer honour if you send a photo of the pot and damage. Which is only, in my experience, the gradual loss of non-stickiness over 10 or 15 years.

  • teenytinyhouse

    Winchester Kitchens you have made my day, I didn't know you could get an induction wok solution! Happy days, there goes my partner's final objection to induction, lol.

  • PRO
    Langtry Fitted Furniture

    Induction for sure......Speedy Like Gas, Controllable like gas but a LOT easier to clean as opposed to a Gas Hob!

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