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Love the pillowcase tip and will use from now on but still don't know if the rest of the family can be persuaded to adopt the principle. I've yet to find a way of persuading my husband to fold and store clothes in any kind of ordered system although our daughter is now addicted to Marie Kondo and the Con Marie method and is very tidy most of the time - at age 18 that's remarkable!

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><md>Love the idea of keeping the most precious items, either because they are practical or beautiful. Also store in type/colour. For example put white socks together then any non white (grey) socks will look out of place and so could be recycled.
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deborah eade

We do the pillowcase trick. I don't do reverse hangers, but apart from underwear my clothes are arranged by colour and my shoe boxes clearly labelled (flat green/black lace-up and so on) and have a strict one item in, two go to charity, policy as a gentle means to ridding myself of things I'm unlikely to wear again - baby steps towards decluttering. I do keep my phone in my bedroom (switched to silent mode) as my alarm. As for fire hazards, a smoke alarm on every floor can save lives if the worst happens. Also make sure to air the bedroom and bedding every day - I do mine while I shower.

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